USER Refund Policy / Cancelled Orders

Currently, we can process the refunds of only those orders, for which a user has paid through online payment methods using a credit/debit card. The refund will only be processed if an order couldn’t be delivered to a customer for unavoidable circumstances and the rider was unable to reach and/or contact the customer. Customers need to submit a written complaint by sending an email to or calling customer service at 0304 11 12 134. It might take seven (07) working days to process your refund. Please note that all refunds will be processed and governed by the following terms and conditions:
Refunds will only be processed if an order was canceled and couldn’t be delivered to the customer.
Refunds will only be processed if a customer has a linked credit/debit card with his/her online account.
it might take up to seven (07) working days to process the refund, after the receipt of the complaint.
Once the refund has been processed, the refunded amount (after any applicable deductions) will reflect in the user account at the FATTAFATT platform as a balance. Users can use the same balance for his/her next order.
User will also have the option of requesting the balance to be transferred in his/her linked card account, if he/she is not willing to use the amount for the next order.
In case the user decides to use the balance for the next order, the available balance will be used for the next order. If the next order amount is less than the available balance, only the required balance will be deducted and the remaining balance will be available to the customer. If the next order amount is greater than the available balance, the difference will be deducted from the linked card for the processing of the order.
FATTAFATT reserves the right to reject any claim regarding the refund if it believes that the refund has been claimed through some fraudulent activity or some suspicious activity is detected behind the claim. 



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